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Taking up the world toughest and daring challenges in Human Capacity Development, Research and Development, Engineering, Marketing, Oil and Gas, PLC/SCADA/HMI/SERVO/STEPPER MOTORS,Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Process Plant Design, Renewable Energy

Partnership services

Our partnership services focus on stability, integrity and service that enable us to build strong relationship and allows us to offer dynamic solution packages that can be highly effective and beneficial to our partners.


Workshop that is totally useful, hands-on and customised to you—no theory, no canned exercises. The workshop is conducted by expert instructors who give you individual feedback tailored to your specific needs. It is primarily self-paced with some group sessions, allowing you to work at a rate that's comfortable for you and to interact with other participants so that you can learn from their experiences

Automation services

Our Automation services are not limited to programming, design, troubleshooting, and maintenance of hardware without details knowledge of analysis and development of Logic as per client requirements, PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), HMI (Human Machine Interface), Industrial Networking, Database Design, Hazardous Location Installations, System Upgrades and Debugging, Design and Configuration, System Integration.  Testing, Troubleshooting and successful commissioning of PLC Panels onSite. Develop procedures and technical instructions associated with the performance testing and modification of plant controls and instrumentation.

We offer system integration services across an unlimited variety of the most popular PLC and DCS designs and programming platforms including: AB (Allen-Bradley), ABB (Asea Brown Boveri),Siemens, GE-Fanuc, Messung, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Omron, Keyence, DCS (Distributed Control System), ABB AC800M Controls, Honeywell, HC900 C50, PAC (Programmable automation control), Honeywell PAC

Simulation and Modelling

Process simulation and modelling, steady and dynamic state simulation, Feasibility study, conceptual design, preliminary, and detailed stages of engineering. Flow Assurance simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Stress analysis. With the help of simulation, organization can get an insight into the results of process changes before the change is implemented.

Proess Plant Design and Operation

Process and Plant Design, planning, designing, specifying, installing, modifying and maintaining plant facilities, systems and equipment, Conceptual design, design tools, piping hydraulic, codes and standard in area of piping, material and equipment in system selection, safety consideration.

Our team incorporates engineers experienced in the design and maintenance of industrial processing plants. We specialize in designing start-up plants for both small and large operations. Mechanical plant specification and detailed design, Plant operation and control system design,Pressure vessel and piping design, specification and stress analysis, Fluid pumping, handling and storage equipment design and specification, Computational fluid dynamic modeling, Power drive and transmission specification and selection. Handling of  malfunction of unit operations: Distillation column, Steam generator, compressor, Pump, heat exchanger, Gas turbine, Furnace, Evaporator, CSTR, Plug Flow Reactor, Flash Drum, Fixed bed Reactor, Cogeneration Boiler e.t.


We provide practical vocational training and strategies that will help you gather, evaluate and get a clearer understanding of the skills and knowledge you need. This training will give you practical tools and strategies that can guide you and help you stay ahead of your competitors. Our short-term Programmes are offered to help you launch a new career or advance your current career in the Industries.

Research and Development Services

We provide research and development services to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our research services include developmental plan, academic researchers, applications, technical e.t.c. Our goal is to influence research and development capabilities to create unique value through new, improved products and inventive ways to reduce costs.

Our research team comprises of several specialists from a diversity of backgrounds. Our team has experiences in compiling and processing large amounts of information. Whatever your research needs, we will be able to match you with an expert that is qualified to mentor, tutor and guide your research projects.

Our customers turn to us for our logical capability to improve process efficiencies, or uncovering a solution that will helps them launch a first-to-market innovation. 

Our clients will also have access to variety of information resources as possible. This includes databases, web-based research, and libraries. You can be rest assured when you come to us you will have some of the finest minds using the most up-to-date technology to meet your research scope.

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