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Process and Plant Design

Process Engineering Deliverables

Stages in a typical EPC project:

Conceptual design
Detailed design
Commissioning and Operation
startup revamp

Role of a process engineer at each phase/stage
Conceptual Design:
1. Feasibility Study
2. Basis of Design
3. Scope of Work for FEED
4. Process Block Diagram
5. Process Description
6. Equipment List

1. Basis of Design
2. Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
3. Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs)
4. Line List
5. Equipment List
6. Equipment Process Datasheets (Functional) (Tanks / Vessels / Pumps / Compressors / Package Items)
7. Instrument Datasheets
8. Operating, Control & Safeguarding Philosophy
9. Line Sizing & Hydraulic Report
10. Hazardous Area Classification Drawings
11. Design Review & Design Review Closeout Report
12. Insulation Specification
13. Material Selection Report
14. Relief Valve Sizing and Dossier
15. HAZID Review & HAZID Report

Detailed Design:
1. Design Basis (updated from FEED)
2. Process Flow Diagram (PFD) including Heat & Mass Balance
3. Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs) (Issued for Construction)
4. Line List
5. Equipment List (includes missing data such as vendor information of vendor packages)
6. Final Line Sizing and Hydraulic Report based on Piping GADs and Isometrics
7. Updated Operating, Control and Safeguarding Philosophy
8. Commissioning Procedure & Plan
9. Plant Operating Manual
10. Updated Material Selection Report
11. 2nd Design Review and Design Review Closeout Report (optional)
12. HAZOP Review and HAZOP Review Closeout Report

Commissioning & Startup:
1. Hydro and Pneumatic Test Loop Diagrams
2. Line Flange Blank Register
3. Commissioning Punch List
4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
5. Setpoint and Alarm List
6. Controller Tuning Register
7. Red-lined P&IDs for As-Builting

Process and Plant Design

Process Engineering Design And Operation, Process Flow Assurance, Process Automation, Modeling And Simulation, 3D modelling, Stress analysis, Computer Aided Design (CAD) Softwares Application.

Design & Handling of unit operations: Distillation column, Steam generator, compressor, Pump, valves, heat exchanger, Gas turbine, Furnace, Evaporator, CSTR, Plug Flow Reactor, Flash Drum, Fixed bed Reactor, Cogeneration Boiler.
Conversant with Process design and process calculations, evaluation of heat and energy balance, process flow diagram (PFD), process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), ISA and DIN symbols. isometric diagrams. HAZID and HAZOP activities.
cost estimation and optimization. ISOLATION PHILOSOPHY, CAUSE and EFFECT Charts analysis.

Pumps, column, compressors, tanks, pressure vessels and heat exchangers sizing, Control valve, safety & relief valve sizing and line sizing.

HAZID and HAZOP studies and activities, Verification of equipment issuance lists, equipment data sheets, cost estimation and optimization.

ISOLATION PHILOSOPHY, ESD-PSD Shutdown Philosophy, Material Selection Philosophy and Materials Report, evaluation of Process Equipment and process instrumentation Data Sheets, CAUSE and EFFECT Charts analysis.

Flow Assurance analysis - Hydraulic and Transient Analysis. Hydraulic Analysis – acceptable pressure drops, pipeline sizing, erosion & corrosion limits, Thermal Analysis – temperature distribution, heat loss, Inhibition Analysis – hydrate inhibitors, wax inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, Flow Regime Prediction, Slugging (Hydrodynamic and Severe Slugging), Pigging slugs, Insulation Types, Pipe-in-Pipe, Wet Insulation, Flexible Pipe, Start up operations-evaluating system stability, Shut down system, Production ramp up, Rate changes, Blowdowm studies, Parametric studies-Study multiple parameters against 2 different scenarios e.g flowrates vs. pipe sizes

Process simulation and modeling, steady and dynamic state simulation, process optimization, Flow sheeting, sizing,  Thermodynamic, Column operations,  Reactions, CDU, VDU, NHU, CRU, FCC,  Dynamic HYSYS - Tuning parameter,  Advanced Dynamics.

Process and Plant Design is the function responsible for planning, designing, specifying, installing, modifying and maintaining plant facilities, systems and equipment, Conceptual design, design tools, piping hydraulic, codes and standard in area of piping, material and equipment in piping system selection, safety system in piping.

process and Plant Design: Mechanical plant specification and detailed design, Plant operation and control system design, Pressure vessel and piping design, specification and stress analysis, Fluid pumping, handling and storage equipment design and specification, Computational fluid dynamic modeling, Power drive and transmission specification and selection

Training Description:

Overview Of Process Engineering Industry & Roles And Responsibilities Of Process Engineer.
Introduction To Projects, Engineering, Commissioning & Operations
Project Documentation
Elements In Project Execution
Process Engineering Design Scope
Relevant Standards/Codes, Their Importance And Applicatio

Design basis and criteria
Process Flow Scheme, PFD, HMB
Process description
Process Operating and Control Philosophy
Equipment sizing
Piping specification and sizing
Instrument process specification
Process and Emergency shutdown
Flare study
Operating manual

Deliverables Procedures


Information Packs
Data Sheets
Project Advise Note

Process Study Report
Basis of Design
Site Visit Report
Design Review Report
HAZOP Report
Design Review Closeout Report
HAZOP Closeout Report
Operating, Control Safeguarding Philosophy
Safeguarding Memorandum – update
EORD – update
Plant Operating Manual – update
Equipment List
Line List

Separator Sizing
Pump Calculations
Relief Valve Calculations
Line Sizing
RO Sizing

Design Review Information Pack
HAZOP Review Information Pack
IPF Review Information Pack

Control Valve
Storage Tank
Relief Valve

PFS (Process Flow Scheme)/PFD (Process Flow Diagram)
PEFS/P&ID (Construction)
PEFS/P&ID (Demolition)



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